art and design

it doesn`t really matter what name is on top of this website.

The point is being u.

You can be anyone on this planet adult or child,

at the end of the day the most brave and healthy thing u can do is be yourself.

one of the questions which I dislike most is when asked "What do I do" 

I remember someone asking me and I said I`m an artist,

she looked me straight in the eye and said...yes, but who are you?

It hit me.... Really, who are you?

many years I had a battle of thoughts and conflicts within myself... 

Do I really define myself as an artist ..but other then being that,  who am I?

Fact is I don`t know how to to explain who I am..

I just know that since I remember myself my hands are in ever need to create,

to do beautiful things that bring joy.​

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